Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sparks Fly

After a busy June, we were excited to have a laid back and relaxing 4th of July celebration. A small group of us gathered a friend's house for kebabs, pies, ice cream, and fireworks! Cooking and photographing was very therapeutic. The best part was that I finally put to use the Live View and Live Composite feature on my EM-10 (after more than a year of ownership!).

Coming from Ohio where it was legal to purchase, but not legal to launch fireworks, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of "normal" people who enjoy expressing their inner pyro twice a year (July 4th and New Year's Eve). Our friend's neighborhood is a particularly good place to enjoy fireworks from the comfort of your own front yard. On this particular night, there was a small family that seemed to have filled a truck bed with mortars for their teenage daughter to launch every 10 mins or so. I was happy to not spend the money and take advantage of the lovely show.

Willow + Starburst

Colors + Twinkles

Gentle Burst

Raining Light

Twinkle Poof


In addition to the lovely fireworks, we also experimented with some light painting.

Fan Out

Don't Look Directly into Light with Remaining Eye..

The Energy of Four 

Balls of Love?

The Tunnels of Light

The Love of Light.

Dark Angel

It was a lot of fun to see what my camera could help me create almost effortlessly. There is a craft to long exposure photography that I never felt capable of successfully practicing. The Live View and Live Composite tools that Olympus has created has really boosted my confidence in this type of photography and I look forward to spending some more time creating more light painting photographs and trying my hand at astro-photography in the future. 

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  1. Love these photos of you exploring with your camera!