Monday, June 1, 2015

San Antonio

We visited San Antonio for the first time during Christmas. We stayed in a hotel caddy corner to the Alamo. The Alamo itself was cool, but it was terribly windy and cold so we did not spend an extended period of time there. We did check out the Riverwalk. It was chilly, but also set below grade, so the wind was less of an issue. The lights were up for the holiday season and they were quite lovely.

The Hilton Palacio Del Rio was lit very nicely. I wonder how the patrons slept on this side of the building... This hotel is very interesting because it was built ahead of the 1968 World's Fair. In an effort to decrease construction time, the rooms were constructed at a separate site, plumbing and all, and stacked onsite. The logistics and pros and cons of such a design would be very interesting.

Hotel built with modular construction

Lights from on high

We made some time to visit a few of the missions of San Antonio. These were great because they provided a physical reference to what the Alamo once was.

Looking in or out?

New fixtures.

Take me to church.


Open air cloisters

Il duomo

Shadowed entryway